Luige all breed Show – 21.06.2014

We had a super day today. Ruby and Indy became champions.
Judge: Kersti Lepasaar, Estonia.

Indy – BOB Junior, Jun CC, Best Male -2. Estonian Junior Champion!
Elegant. Medium bone, alert expression, correct ear set. Good neck length, strong back, correct rear angulation. Parallel movement front and back with adequate length in movement. Needs a bit more time to mature. Pleasant nature.

Ruby – Best Bitch – 1, CC, BOS. Estonian Champion!
Elegant, enought bone. Soft expression head, in ideal would like a bit stronger muzzle and more filling up under the eye. Elegant neck, strong back, a bit falling rump, good chest depth. Correct rear angulation, moves with good length and drive, carries tail well.

Estonian toller club spring gathering – 1.06.2014

Täna toimus meie kodus Eesti Nova Scotia retriiverite TÜ kevadpäev. Kohal oli hulk suurepäraseid inimesi ja imelisi koeri. Toimus ka väike tõukatse demontratsioon, trenn, mille käigus oli koertel võimalik tutvuda saagiga. Meie kutsikatel oli esimene kord tutvuda päris jänesega.

retriever speciality show in tallinn – 31.05.2014

We had a lovely day with our youngsters and their mother Ruby at show today.
Judge – Alexia Kammenou (Greece).

Indy – Junior CC, BOB Junior, Best Male – 2
Lovely junior. Typical head & expression. Correct ear set & muzzle. Nicely built for his age. Well developed chest, good coat, nice markings. Typical movement.

Bree – Junior CC, BOS Junior, Best Bitch – 4
Young female. Nice head, muzzle & expression. Well constructed. All over correct topline. Typical movement.

Ruby – excellent, Best Bitch – 3
Nice type. Well constructed. Sweet expression. Good pigmentation. Well balanced angulation. Free movement.

Hunting Breeds Speciality Show – 10.05.2014, Türi

Indy and Bella attended today hunting breeds speciality show. We had a very nice day, meeting old friends and getting new contacts. The highlight of the day, for me, was when judge told be after commeting Indys ribcage and that she can feel his ribs – ‘young dogs can not get substance, if they are not fed’. Well, Indy gets about 400g high calory food and treats and has got sour cream and butter. He just does’t get fatter. I thing the judge today faight, that I’m starving my dogs. Still, they got nice critiques.
Judge: Tuus Van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint, The Netherland

Indy – junior class, excellent, no CC
Nice masculine head, lovely expression, need filling up under the eye, good front quarter, good ribs, little skinny, need to get more substance in depth of body, good tail-set and coat, adequate bone, his white socks are little bit high on the legs.

Bella (totally without coat) – junior class, very good (judges comment because of the white)
Very  feminine, kind head, very much like a puppy, sufficient angulation in front, need to drop in body, good hindquarters, adequate bone, movement ok, too much white above her wrist.


rakvere national all breed dog show 30.03.2014

Bella and Indy went to their first show yesterday and got good results. They are both in Junior class.
Judge was: Jasna Matejcic

Indy – Junior CC, BOS Junior, BOS
good size and proportion, correct bite, needs to develop, enought angulation front and rear, excellent topline, nice marking and color.

Bella – Junior CC, BOB Junior, BOB
good size and proportion, excellent head and pigmentation, correct bite, enought neck, also needs to develop, excellent movement, nicely presented.