EST CH – Nitric Jumpstart My Heart

Nitric Jumpstart My HeartRuby



father: Nitric Fox De Luxe
mother: Fortunella of Great Pleasure


Hips: A/A, elbows: 0/0
Optigen prcd PRA – A (clear)
Eyes: clear (12.2012)

height: 47,5 cm
weight: 17 kg


Riika and Mika Leppinen, Kennel Nitric (Finland)

Ruby’s coming to us was not planned. We had decided to have another toller but not so soon, Peppe was two years old at the time. When I heard that Riika is planning that litter and that there will be two of my favorite dogs, Ankinovas Thascha and Nitric Duck Is My Drug, in this litters pedigree, I could not resist and we got ourselves a little toller girl.

Ruby is our dark eyed, sweet face, princess Diva, who has the attitude but also is the sweetest girl I ever met and very easy dog to have (at least now when she is grown up : )). She is an active dog and made sure that she is noticed already as a puppy and will not let you really ignore her now as well. Like her father, Ruby needs to have the closeness to people, she just has to get to your lap or at least next to you. At the same time, she can be very independent and do her owns things or play by herself and she loves to play. She is a very playful dog, just like her father.

I wanted to get an agility dog for me and Ruby had all what it takes to be good in it but I had to end agility, so we try ourselves in hunting tests. Ruby has very good instincts – will to work, interest for the game, very good nose, good marking skill and excellent swimming ability. She is an excellent swimmer with unique style of jumping and swimming. Ruby is a smart dog but a bit impatient to learn new things, she wants to get things faster. Sometimes she does things without thinking – ‘first act, think afterwards’, but has calmed down and with time she could become a good hunting dog. One thing she does without thinking is coming when she is called, and with very good speed.

I love our common moments, when we train for the hunting tests or just have fun – and so does she, at least I think so. Our little crazy puppy has calmed down and became the best companion one could want!

Nitric Fox De Lux D VDH CH BDSG-05 Atago the Spirit of Heyoka VDH D CH
Pinocchio Of Redpine
LUX JCH D LUX NL CH Decoymans Piper Hemstead
D VDH CH Bright Flower’s Here I Am
Zoethehope Of Great Pleasure CAN CH Berdia’s Shylo So High
D JCH LUX SVK CH Xorbonne Of Great Pleasure
Ankinova Thasha
S CH JW-99 NORDW-99 SW-99 SW-01 Aindow’s Charlie Flottatjärn’s Prima Hea Hebbe
Aindow’s Beauty
Drögstas Me Rete N CH Sunlit Kevin Mc Tawish
Benili’s Tös Of Drögsta
Fortunella of Great Pleasure C.I.B. FIN CH Nitric Duck Is My Drug FIN CH Westerlea’s Canadian Rockies CAN CH Westerlea’s Digby Schooner
CAN CH Westerlea’s Echo Of Shelly CD
Siphras Indian Rose S CH Rödrävens Björnbär
C.I.B FIN EE CH NORDW-97 W-01 Westerlea’s Tornado A Siphras
SLO CH Cayenne of Great Pleasure Littlerivers Gypsy King CAN CH Littleriver’s Argus
Littleriver’s Cinnamon
Star of Great Pleasure
DK LUX VDH NL CH WV-95 Bright Floer’s Elegant Danish Boy
LUX NL CH BEW-93 BEW-94 Lyonhouse Arabella Stuart


Retrieving Qualifying Test – qualified  18.09.2010, judge Risto Aaltonen


Best Bitch – 1, CC, BOS. Estonian Champion!
Siret Lepasaar (Estonia), Luige National All Breed Dog Show, 21.06.2014
elegantne, piisav luustik, pehme ilmega pea, ideaalis sooviks veidi tugevamat koonu ja täidetumat silmade alust, elegantne kael, tugev selg, pisut laskuv laudjas, hea sügavusega rinnakorv, korrektsed taganurgad, liigub hea sammu pikkusega – rühikalt, kannab hästi saba.

(Elegant, enought bone. Soft expression head, in ideal would like a bit stronger muzzle and more filling up under the eye. Elegant neck, strong back, a bit falling rump, good chest depth. Correct rear angulation, moves with good length and drive, carries tail well).

Youth class – 1, Best Bitch – 1, CC, BOB
G. Toeters-Riethoff (Netherlands), Retrievers Speciality Show, Tallinn 04.06.2011
Beautiful type, right tollers expression. Lovely head, good eyes, ears, teeth. Good angulation in front and behind. Excellent body, excellent coat and tail. Free movement with correct tail carridge.

Jun CC, BOB Junior
Malgorzata Supronovicz (Poland), Rakvere National All Breed Dog Show, 16.10.2010
Correct size, very sweet face, good neck. Could have more withers. Almost straight back, well angulated front and rare, enough coat, enough drive, excellent temperament.

Jun CC, BOB Junior
Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (Poland), National All Breed Dog Show, Tallinn 12.09.2010
Very elegant. Needs more time. Excellent head, good neck and topline. Excellent chest. Very good angulation. Excellent movement. She needs more time to mature.

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