C.I.B. C.I.E. NORDIC CH, EST & LV CH – Lauvstuas Indian Pepper


Born: 12.04.2007


hips: A/B, elbows: 0/0
Optigen prcd PRA – B (carrier)
eyes: gRD in right eye (2009)

height: 48,5 cm
weight: 19,7 kg


Anne-Lise and Eivind Holte,kennel Lauvstua

On the picture – Peppe, 4 years old.

  • Nordic CH – Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish show champion
  • Latvian CH, Baltic Winner 2010
  • Estonian CH, Estonian Winner 2009 and 2010
  • Estonian Junior CH, Estonian Junior Winner 2008

Peppe is our first toller and a long dream coming true. Never couldn’t we dream to get such a wonderful toller as Peppe has shown to be. He is not just very good looking, but has a most wonderful temperament and fast learning ability. He is very calm – we have always told people that he is not a typical toller – and he gets along with everybody. He has no problem to blend into any pack as if he would have always been there. He is very good with young males and gets along with older ones as well, never stars a fight and if he has something to say, he does it in such a silent way that you don’t even notice it. He is the easiest dog to have and handle, never barks unless it’s necessary and takes things calmly.

Peppe’s ability to learn has always amazed me. Tollers are very smart and he gets new things with just couple of times of showing. He is very obedient and has strong will to please.

Even when he is very calm, there are times when his eyes light up and he goes crazy. This is especially at water work that he just loves. When he sees the ball and harness for blood tracking. And definitely, you can hear this toller screaming when he sees another dog, it’s his way of saying ‘hello’. Then he shows totally different side of his – the one he has gotten from his mother Polly. But after meeting the dog, he calms down immediately, except when it is our friend’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Femmu, whom Peppe is just in love with 🙂

Tinnunculus DK UCH
Tueholt Red Ursa Major
Birdcherrys Autumn Clear Air
Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Jalna’s Oneca The One N Only
Tueholt Red Raisin Tueholt Red What A Surprise
Tueholt Red Lovable Sunflower
Bright Flower’s Hibiscus Bright Flower’s Easy Boy CAN CH
Westerlea’s Ilo At The Well
Ardunacres Toll Free
DK UCH KBHV-93 UEUV-92 Bright Flower’s Diamond CAN CH
Westerlea’s Coast To Coast
Tueholt Red Bright Flower
Foxy Pollyana Ayr S VCH
Duck Tail’s Lagaz Av Sigil
DK D VDH UCH Hyflyer’s Invincible Max CA CH
Harbourlight Rip Tide Cd
Hyflyer’s Foxy Roxanne
Flottatjärn’s Der Kalix Kare Riverduck Of Flottatjärn
Old Holban’s Frances Mac Of Lyonhouse
Lauvstuas Julie Fox
N UCH NV-95-96
Sunlit James Junior
Lyonhouse Evan Stuart
N UCH Flyingtollers Sandy
Anya Acadia Ayr
N UCH Flyingtollers Teddy
Red Tollers Beechey


Retriever Qualifying Test (NOU) –  qualified 13.06.2009,  Ellamaa, judge Risto Heikkonen (Finland)


Best Male-1, CACIB, BOB – Annuka Paloheimo (Finland) Int show Stockholm, Sweden
Utmerklig typ. Prima proportioner. Utmerklig huvud. Vältecknad. Utmerklig bröstkorg. Tillräckling vinklar bak. Bra päls. Prima sveng. Välbalanserd. Välgaaende.
(Excellent type, very good proportions, excellent head, good markings. Excellent chest. Enought back angulation. Good coat. Very good speed and appearance. Well balanced. Well moving.)

Best Male-1, CAC, BOS, S CH – Franc Ruiz Rodriguez (Spain) Uppsala national show, Sweden
very good head, strong neck. The bite is not perfect. Excellent  topline & croup. Very good tail. Excellent breast. Very good front and back angulation. Excellent coat. Very good move.

Best Male-1, CAC, BOB, N CH – Lena Hagglund (Norway) VIII group speciality show, Alesund, Norway
Utmerklig typ og helhet, herlig hude og uttryk. Vellbyggd og velkonst, med  dertil hörande rörelsemönster. Typisk toller som visast i prima kondition og pels. Vel verdt sin CH titel.
(Outstanding type and entirety, lovely head and expression. Well build and good looking male, with addition a fantastic movement pattern. Typical toller, presented in very good condition and coat. Well worth it’s CH title.)

champion class-1, Best Male-2 – Eva Rautala (Finland) Int show Winner 2010, Helsinki, Finland
Erittäin hyvätyyppinen ja kokoinen uros jolla erinomaiset mittasuhteet. Hyvä pää. Sopiva kaula. Erinomainen rintakehä ja ylälinja. Sopusuhtainen luusto ja kulmaukset. Erinomainen häntä, mutta tänään hieman niukassa karvassa esitetty koira. Hyvä väri. Liikku erittäin hyvin. Erinomainen luonne ja esiintyminen.
(Very good type and size male, who has excellent porportions. Good head. Suitable neck. Excellent chest and topline. Porportionate bone and angulation. Excellent tail, but today shown in a bit scarce coat. Good colour. Moves extremely well. Excellent nature and appearance.)

Best Male-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, LV CH, BALTI W’10 – Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania)  Int show Baltic Winner 2010, Riga, Latvia
Very good in type, correct proportions, very good bones, very good head, very good topline, very well developed chest. Correct angulation, free movement. Correct coat and colour.

Best Male-1, CACIB, BOB – Luis Pintero Teixeira (Portugal) Int show Winner 2010, Tallinn, Estonia
Good conformation, whole correct head, good bone, good front and feet, deep chest, good topline, correct angulation. Moves well.

Best Male-1, CACIB, BOB – Jose Homem De Mello (Spain) Int show Tartu, Estonia
Excellent masculine head, nice fronts, good ribcage. Topline could be more level, nice rear angulation, moves well. Nice coat condition.

Best Male-1, CAC, BOB, FI CH – Eva Rautala (Finland) national show Eukanuba Summer Show, Helsinki, Finland
Erittäin hyvän tyyppinen ja kokoinen uros. Hyvä pään muoto. Erinomainen ylälinja. Sopiva rintakehä. Hyvin kulmautunut. Sopusuhtainen luusto. Kaunis häntä. Hyvä väri. Liikku erittäin kauniisti. Erinomainen luonne ja esiintyminen.
(Excellent male of good type and size. Good shape of head. Excellent topline.  Suitable chest. Well angulated. Proportionate bone. Beautiful tail. Good colour. Moves extremely beautifully. Excellent nature and appearance.)

Best Male-1, CACIB, BOB – Eva Mjelde (Norway) Intl show Winner 2009, Tallinn, Estonia
This is a lovely boy. Masculine well made head, good neck and shoulders, lovely body and hind quarters. Good coat. Moves in great style.

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